The Psychology of Colour

Keflex doctor What’s the first thing you notice about this website?  What grabs you?  I hope you feel at home and curious to have a look around!

köpa viagra seriöst Just as we use words to express ourselves, colours can be used as an expression as well and are a language all on their own.  The role colour plays in influencing our moods has been well documented.  If you are currently planning a website update, new marketing materials, or even just a new Twitter background, take 5 minutes to read the information below and how the colours you choose can either encourage people to click through to your website or leave them feeling cold and not wanting to engage any further.

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Which colours should I use?

il conto demo iq option a cosa serve For website content, always, always stick Cheap Jerseys to a white background.  Anything else is too difficult to read and off-putting for visitors. scambiare opzioni binarie This doesn’t mean you’re stuck to plain old black and white; use a coloured font in your headings, key text for subtle emphasis.

binäre optionen broker vergleich Below are some basic colours and the emotions they provoke.  Take your time to consider carefully which colour reflects you best and is appropriate for your target audience, what message you want to convey, and the overall feeling you you want visitors to experience on your website.  Once you start using a particular для colour for Wholesale Jerseys your branding it becomes associated with you and your company.  For example, think of Pinterest: what colour do cheap oakleys you immediately think of?  Now do the same with fake ray bans Facebook.  Exactly…!

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  • Red: energy, passion, excitement, power
  • Blue: coolness, spirituality, freedom, patience, loyalty, peace, trustworthiness
  • Yellow: light, optimism, happiness, brightness, joy
  • Green: life, naturalness, restfulness, health, wealth, prosperity
  • Orange: friendliness, warmth, approachability, energy, playfulness, courage
  • Violet: wisdom, sophistication, celebration
  • White: purity, cleanliness, youth, freshness, peace
  • Black: power, elegance, secrecy, mystery
  • Grey: security, maturity, reliability
  • opcje binarne w weekend Pink: romance a feminine colour
  • opcje binarne egzotyczne Brown: comfort, strength, stability, credibility
If you’d like to experiment to see which colours complement your favourite colour, I recommend the following free tools:
forex tradingopzioni binarie What are your favourite colours and how do you use them on your website / online branding?

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