Dealing with distractions and interruptions

Distractions and interruptions are a part of life, however if you’re not careful they can cheap nfl jerseys very quickly become a barrier to your success by robbing you of the time you need to complete tasks to reach your goals.  

Think back over the past few days and how many distractions you’ve had to deal with.  Phone calls, emails, someone dropping in ‘for 5 minutes’ – it all adds up.  Then consider that with each interruption it takes approximately 25 minutes to refocus and get back into the flow of where you were before being distracted.  Four interruptions a day equals 1 hour of lost time, even if disruption itself is only 5 minutes.

So, what can you do to limit distractions throughout your day?

1. Identify time leaks

Sometimes we can be Новые the biggest culprit when it comes to our own time management.  Hopping on to social media between tasks / appointments is a huge time drain because 5 minutes can quickly become an hour.  If you use social cheap oakleys sunglasses media for marketing purposes as well as personal, set up posts in advance using tools such as Hootsuite.  Take it one step further and block all distracting sites during your work day by using software like Cold Turkey or a browser add on like LeechBlock.

In her book, “Never Check E-mail in the Morning”, Julie Morgenstern said: “It’s important to recognize how much is coming from outside and how much is self-interruption. I think we self-interrupt just as much as we’re interrupted by Cheap Jerseys others.”

2. Manage email

Commit to checking email only a few times throughout the day instead of every 5 minutes.  Turn off auto send / receive so that you’re not constantly tempted by the ‘ping’ of new mail arriving.  Many time management experts recommend checking email only twice a day – once in the morning and again late in the afternoon.  If you’re worried about missing anything urgent set up an autoresponder to let senders know that you *will* get back to them but they can send an SMS to your mobile if they need your urgent attention.

orario trading online To lessen the distraction of email even further, ask your Virtual Assistant to manage your inbox by creating a daily summary of messages from your key contacts and proactively dealing with meeting requests and other items.

3.  Learn to say no

optionmint com Share your calendar with clients and associates.  Make your schedule available to them so they’ll know when you’ll have time available to meet or talk. You may still get interrupted, but you will gradually notice that people will begin to request your attention when they know you’re not Cheap NFL Jerseys otherwise occupied.

opcje binarne polscy brokerzy When you do get interrupted, use friendly but direct statements such as:

cialis generika billig “I’m up against a tight deadline at the moment on a project that requires my full focus.  Can I get back to you this afternoon at 2pm to discuss your requirements in detail?”

4. Telephone tactics la strategia vincente per opzioni binarie When you need to focus, switch your phone to voicemail or forward to your Virtual Assistant.  In your voicemail message, give your VA’s telephone number and email and cheap nfl jerseys state when you’ll be returning calls so that callers know when to expect to hear back from you.

5. Unavoidable interruptions

مراجعة خدمة خيار ثنائي It’s inevitable that you will still have to deal with the occassional interruption.  When this happens, set the parameters by saying “I’ve only got 5 minutes at the moment” and stick to it.  Then quickly get back to your task in hand. www iq option How do you deal with interruptions and what’s been most effective for you?

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