Managing PayPal Autopayments

I hope your year is off to a flying start!  My keywords for 2014 are simplicity, serenity and staying in control; this includes unsubscribing from every piece of unwanted marketing material that arrives in my inbox (just because I bought that Jo Malone candle from an online department store doesn’t mean I need to know there’s a designer t-shirt sale coming up soon).  I previously wrote a post on how to quickly identify mass / junk mail here).

Another step I’m taking to stay in control is to address all those PayPal subscriptions that I’ve somehow accumulated here and there.  It’s Cheap Football Jerseys easy to sign-up for a trial of something and then end up paying full whack each month without even realising.  Take 5 minutes now to Cheap NFL Jerseys check your Cheap Jerseys PayPal account to identify all your active autopayments – you cheap ray bans may be surprised!

Show me the money!

1. Log in to your PayPal account.  On the top menu, select Profile and then My Money:pp1png

2.  On the screen that adds appears, click on Update on the row that contains My pre-approved payments:


bdswiss com erfahrung 3.  Filter status by Active and click Go.  This will bring up a full list of payments that are going out of your fake ray bans PayPal account each month. che banca opzioni binarie pp3

Regain control binäre optionen rentabel 4.  If you see any merchants whose services you no longer use, click on their name and a screen with the billing details will come up.  If you wish to cancel, just click and the pop up confirmation screen will appear as in the screenshot below (obviously I love my Spotify account too much to cancel, this was purely for demonstration purposes only!):

ukrainsk valuta forex pp5

Double check

buy fincar without prescription 5.  It’s worth doing the same check on the pre-approved payments plans page too:

الواجبات المنزلية يجب منع المواد pp4

iq option opinioni Go on, try it and let me know how much money you’ll save this month by cancelling all those unwanted subscriptions!

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