Tasks you should never outsource

Without a doubt, online delegation has become a huge buzzword in the last few years.  Most entrepreneurs and business owners already have some experience of using a virtual assistant, there building a team and delegating essential tasks.  However, I believe that the tasks below should never be outsourced.  You may disagree with me; I’d be interested to cheap jerseys hear your thoughts either in the comments cheap oakleys below or via email.

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Core Competencies

Your core competencies are what give you the leading edge over your competitors, they are why your clients love you and your advocates rave about you and as such this is the main thing that should never, Fake Oakleys ever be outsourced.

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Outsourcing your core competency is like a Michelin starred chef outsourcing the creation of cheap oakleys sunglasses his menu

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Once you’ve identified what your core competencies are, you can then identify the areas of support that you need.  For example, a marketing specialist could hire freelancers to write and edit the content used in their inbound marketing campaigns while ensuring that all business and editorial decisions (what topics to cover, what channels to use to disseminate content etc) all remain in-house.

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Your online voice

Quite simply, you can’t hire someone else to be you, no matter how good they are.  Would you hire a top speaker to have calls with your prospects? My guess is absolutely not!  Your online voice is equally unique; if your connections discover that you are hiring someone who is essentially ‘pretending to be you’ to interact with them you risk losing credibility and trust.

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